What is 12wackies?

12wackies, based on 8values, 8dreams, and 9axes, is a political quiz that attempts to assign percentages for 24 different wacky off-compass political values. You will be presented by a statement, and then you will answer with your opinion on the statement, from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree [Unless you wanna go *off the charts* ;)], with each answer slightly affecting your scores. At the end of the quiz, your answers will be compared to the maximum possible for each value, thus giving you a percentage. Note that this should not be taken too unironically.

There are 120 questions in the test.

What Are The 24 Values?

There are 12 independent axes - Economic, Diplomatic, Civil, Moralism, Order, Technological Progress, Hierarchy, Religious, Regional, Governmental, Cultural Homogony, and Militarism - and each has two opposing values assigned to them. They are:

Altruity (Economic)
Those with higher Altruity scores believe that all property, no matter the form or ownership, should be collectivized. This can include information, all forms of money, etc.

Avarice (Economic)
Those with higher Avarice scores believe that all forms of property should be privatized and competed in the market. Those who are dominant within the market economy should thus gain more property.

Cosmocracy (Diplomatic)
Those with a higher Cosmocracy scores tend to favor Intervensionism rather than Diplomacy in Foreign Affairs, and aim towards a One World Government.

Incognitism (Diplomatic)
Those with higher Incognitism scores tend to favor seclusion and isolation from the rest of society, usually to the point where the outside world is not familiar with them, and they are not familiar with the outside world.

Self (Civil)
Those with higher Self scores believe in the power of the individual. They tend to support an anarchist or egoist government. They believe Egoism is what makes humans humans, and it is impossible to avoid such thing.

Totality (Civil)
Those with higher Totality scores believe in an absolute government. They think individuals have no power at all, and only the state should have power.

Moralism (Morality)
Those with higher Moralism scores believe that Morals should be applied to all of their beliefs, and believe that Morality is the most important thing in life, and should be preserved at all costs.

Immorality (Morality)
Those with higher Immorality scores tend to believe that Moralism does not exist, or should not be applied.

Chaotic (Order)
Those with higher Chaotic scores believe that the natural function of people is to be destructive, they usually are Anarchists and Atheists, they believe that suppressing the destructive nature of humans is detrimental to society.

Systematic (Order)
Those with higher Systematic scores believe that the natural function of people is to complete some role, they usually are Statists and Traditionalists, they tend to believe that all humans are cogs in a machine completing their role.

Regressive (Technological Progress)
Those with higher Regressive scores believe that modern technology is harmful to society and want to go back to a less technological time, they are usually Primalists, and want to regress technology.

Replacement (Technological Progress)
Those with higher Replacement scores believe that modern technology is good and need to be accelerated, they are usually Post-Humanist, and they believe that technology will inevitable replace mankind

Egalitarian (Hierarchy)
Those with higher Egalitarian scores tend to believe that all humans on earth are equal to each other, they usually are Progressive and Atheists and tend to think that no Hierarchy is valid.

Supremacist (Hierarchy)
Those with higher Supremacist scores tend to believe that some people are born superior than others, they are usually Conservatives and Social-Darwinists and think that humans are naturally in a hierarchic structure, and society will eventually collapse without a hierarchy.

Nihilism (Religious)
Those with higher Nihilism scores tend not to believe in any divine or mystical force, they don’t believe in religions and usually think that religions are harmful to society.

Esoteric (Religious)
Those with higher Esoteric scores tend to believe that religions are key factors to society and that without them it would fall apart, they usually believe that their ideas have some divine and/or mystical inspiration, and that all those who disagree with them are heretics.

Universalism (Regional)
Those with higher Universalism Scores believe that Humanity should expand to outer space, they tend to like Empires and aim towards Intergalactic Governments, they are most usually Imperialists and Colonialists.

Urbanism (Regional)
Those with higher Urbanism scores believe that Smaller-In-Area Governments are more efficient than Global Superpowers, they tend to be Isolationists and Traditionalists, and want humanity to be made of small communes.

Ochlocracy (Governmental)
Those with higher Ochlocracy scores favor a mob rule instead of the elite being in charge, they tend to believe the majority are always right, and tend to be Democrats and Anarcho-Communists.

Aristocracy (Governmental)
Those with higher Aristocracy scores believe that the Elite should dictate the way things should be, and tend to believe that the majority are uneducated and should not be allowed to make important decisions, they usually follow Authoritarian ideologies like Fascism and Monarchy.

Panculturalism (Cultural Homogeny)
Those with higher Panculturalism scores believe that all cultures and ethnicity groups are equal, and should co-exist. They believe that other cultures should be accepted and integrated into their own, no matter the norms or way of life.

Monoculturalism (Cultural Homogeny)
Those with higher Monoculturalism scores believe that their culture is inherently superior to any other cultures, and usually believe that other cultures should not exist, or be eradicated.

Destructionism (Militarism)
Those with higher Destructionism scores tend to favor war over anything else, they believe that war is the answer to every problem imaginable, and tend to believe we should just nuke everything. They usually are Posadists and Nihilistic.

Irenic (Militarism)
Those with higher Irenic scores believe that violence is never acceptable under any circumstances, and that all problems can and should be solved with Love, Peace and Diplomacy. They are usually Pacifists.

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